Christmas-New Year Prayer-Poems, Qingdao

Each Christmas-New Year period Sri Chinmoy travels to various countries with his students. A selection of the 56 morning prayers that were offered during Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Qingdao, China in December 2004, are listed below. To date the Christmas Vacation-Prayer series number over 39 Parts with over 3,100 prayers.

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My Lord,
How can we ever deserve
Your Love,
How can we?

My Lord,
You do not need me
For anything,
But to give me importance
In Your Mission,
You make me feel
That I am indispensable.

My Lord wants me to communicate
With my brothers and sisters
Of the world
With tremendous affection,
Love and concern.

I try and try and try
To follow the stars
Of my heart-sky.

Without expectation
Is a happier than the happiest

We must not allow
Earthly trivia
To delay our inner progress.

My prayer-eyes need.

My meditation-heart needs.

My service-life needs.

The divine in us cries
For the human in us
To follow the divine.

Is never to be found
In the life of darkness.

A long inner journey
Inspires my soul.

The higher we go,
The quicker we grow
Young in our hearts again.

~ Sri Chinmoy


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