Christmas-New Year Prayer-Poems, Sanya

Christmas-New Year Prayers

Each Christmas-New Year period Sri Chinmoy travels to various countries with his students. A selection of the 86 morning prayers that were offered during Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Sanya, China in December 2004, are listed below. To date the Christmas Vacation-Prayer series number over 39 Parts with over 3,100 prayers.

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Each seeker
Has to be endowed
With an indomitable faith
In God.

Each meditation
Is a unique opportunity
For me to establish
My conscious oneness
With my Absolute Lord Supreme.

Each self-giving action of mine
Immediately becomes
A most beautiful flower
In my Lord’s Victory-Garland.

Each life
Is the beauty
Of God’s Love.

Each heart
Is the Fragrance
Of God’s Delight.

A true seeker
Feels sad and miserable
When he is away from
His God-silence-heart-home.

Those who sincerely pray
Will never want to be
On their own.

Do not wait
For a new year.
Here and now
Make a fresh start
To realise God.

It is hard-earned progress
That endures.

At times
God’s Silence
Is the very best answer.

May my life be fed
By my heart’s

Not when I die,
But when I dive deep within,
Will I arrive at God’s Heart-Door.

~Sri Chinmoy


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