Christmas-New Year Prayer-Poems, China

Christmas-New Year Prayers

Each Christmas-New Year period Sri Chinmoy travels to various countries with his students. A selection of the 50 morning prayers that were offered during Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Qingdao, China in December 2004, are listed below. To date the Christmas Vacation-Prayer series number over 39 Parts with over 3,100 prayers.

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Death is not
The end.
Death is
Our silence-friend.

God wants every seeker
To be for the whole world
And for all time.

Your heart-beauty-smile
Is for all.

A heart-love finds itself
In the heart
Of everybody’s love.

Life is not
A helpless cry.
Life is
A brave journey.

Do not blame anybody
For this world.
The world is entirely
God’s Creation.

Do not worry -
God will return to your heart.
Just be careful this time.

God wants me to be
Nothing other than
His sleepless and breathless partner.

~Sri Chinmoy


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