Christmas-New Year Prayer-Poems, Xian

Christmas-New Year Prayers

Each Christmas-New Year period Sri Chinmoy travels to various countries with his students. A selection of the 86 morning prayers that were offered during Sri Chinmoy’s visit to Qingdao and Xian, China in December 2004 and January 2005, are listed below. To date the Christmas Vacation-Prayer series number over 39 Parts with over 3,100 prayers.

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Is founded upon

When we harmonise anything,
We divinise it
At the same time.

Is fleeting.

The mind is extremely afraid
Of raising itself

Lengthen and strengthen
Your heart-wings
If you want to fly
All over the world.

I never cared
And I will never care
For countless sounds.

Each human being
Is either God’s
Recognised representative
Or God’s
Unrecognised representative.

Anything that is simple
Embodies the natural Beauty
Of God.

Not “Go alone”
But ” Go together with all”
Should be our last
And lasting experience.

~Sri Chinmoy


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