Self-Giving Poems

All poems by Sri Chinmoy

The majority of these poems have been selected from Sri Chinmoy’s poetry series Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees and Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants.

Your dreams cannot be
As beautiful and powerful
As the purity and divinity
Of your self-giving heart.

A heart of constant
And cheerful self-giving
Will not be dogged
By despair.

Inside a self-giving purity-heart
I see always
A thousand smiles shining brightly.

A self-giving heart
Is a beautiful nest of security.

A universally
Heart-winning man
Is a breathlessly
Self-giving soul.

When we look at a flower,
We get the fragrance of the flower.
Lo, for a few seconds
Our consciousness ascends
And we become self-giving.

Failure is only
A matter of feeling.
Success is only
A matter of striving.
Progress is only
A matter of self-giving.

Give what you have,
Invisible forces will love you.
Give what you are,
Visible forces will not only love you,
But also treasure you.

Do not forget
That an iota of self-giving
Is still self-giving.

He who cheerfully gives
Is a flowering river.
He who ungratefully receives
Is a stagnant pond.

Cultivate a mind of flexibitlty.
You will be able to widen
Your circle of self-giving friends.

Self-giving and joy
Are so fond of each other
That they have become
Inseparable companions.

Each self-giving feeling
In our heart
Is the celestial radiance
Of our soul-beauty.

Each pure and self-giving thought
Is an immediate open door
To formidable inner strength.

A self-giving heart
Is always at the heart
Of each and every
Fruitful progress.

Be sincere, be pure, be self-giving!
Otherwise, your accomplishments
Will never bring
True fulfilment to your life.

The haven of self-giving-light
Is at once beautiful and

A self-giving life
Is a special blessingful-message
That lives forever on earth.

Give, give,
Soulfully give yourself away!
Your name will be

The sound of the aspiring-heart
Is constant

Willingness knows
That there is no time to delay.
Everything has to be done at once,
Happily and self-givingly.

Is divinely sacred.
Is supremely sacred.
Is eternally sacred.

If you are nothing but
Self-giving love,
How can you have any room
For a suspicion mind.

My life’s self-giving
Is undoubtedly the home
Of all my virtues.

To achieve success
In any field of life,
An all-out self-giving effort
Is required.

How can you be happy?
Only give and give and give,
Lovingly, soulfully, sleeplessly
And breathlessly.

The self-giving seekers
Are always
In short supply.

The masterpiece of life
Is founded upon
The seeker’s self-giving heart.

The joy
A self-giving heart embodies
Can never be matched.

To be sleeplessly self-giving
Is to reach the summit
Of all virtues.

The symphony
Of self-giving hearts
Has infinite notes.

A self-giving heart
Is definitely the epitome
Of angelic sweetness.

A self-giving heart sees
No stop sogn.

Each self-giving thought
Is, indeed,
A world-peace-pioneer.

Is the sacred secret
Of our happiness-life.

Nothing can be better
Than a self-giving oneness,

A self-giving life
At every moment
Flies Heavenward.

To get happiness
Just look for it in the right place.
The right place,
Is your self-giving heart.

At morning sunrise
A self-giving heart
Radiates with the beauty
Of the entire Creation.

Every day you should try
To set a personal record
In your unconditional

Since the beginning of creation
Self-giving and happiness
Have been oneness-friends.

Is a flowering of delight and

Self-giving is the light
That can easily illumine
The heart’s insecurity.

If you are singularly sincere
And self-giving,
Then your progress
Will know no bounds.

My Master
Is teaching me the art
Of a self-giving life.

When I self-givingly smile
Heaven immediately opens up
Its gate.

May self-giving
Be my heart’s passion.

A smiling self-giving life
The birthplace of peace.

Every self-giving effort
Of every human being
Is needed to change
The fate of the world.

A sleeplessly self-giving heart
Uniquely shines
In the galaxy of divinity.

Success comes from
Progress comes from

Nothing can be sweeter
Than the fragrance
Of a self-giving heart.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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