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- Inspirational poetry from the Heart to the heart - Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden

- Recent release – The Ever-New Vision and The Ever-Ancient Reality.

- New compilation – Here Is The Place

- Sri Chinmoy classics – The Caged Bird and the Uncaged Bird and Two Thirsty Eyes

- Hazelden Press – Heart-Songs

- Dedicated to the United Nations 700 Peace Poems – Peace-Blossom-Fragrance

- Poems from – Mother Teresa – Humanity’s Flower-Heart, Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul

- Poems from – Nelson Mandela, The Pinnacle-Pillar of Mother Earth

- Poems from – Diana, Princess of Wales, Empress of the World

- Prayer-poems – Christmas-New Year Vacations – series

- Prayer-poems – My Morning Soul-Body Prayers

- Released on Sri Chinmoy’s 70th birthday – If I Could Start My Life Once More, Here and Now, Great People and Good People

- Rhyming poems from – Sail My Heartbeat Sail

- Comparisons between the human mind and the spiritual heart – I Go Out, I Come In

- Daily Prayers and Meditations – My Morning Begins

- Remain young at heart – Never Grow Old

- Sri Chinmoy classic: Happiness

- Published in 1977, Peace-Lovers

- Meditative poems for each day – Today

- Poems from – My Religion

- Poems from – Europe Blossoms

- Poems from – My Prayer-Life My Meditation-Heart

- Longer poems from – My Sweet Father-Lord, Where Are You?

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