Poems on Suffering

Poetry by Sri Chinmoy

My heart is burdened with many things,
But one thing haunts me
At each hush-gap,
And that is the mountain-burden
Of world-sorrow.

The fathomless sorrows
Of the world
Quite often come from
The ruthless torture
Of uncomely thoughts.

Suffering is full of consciousness
Desire is full of suffering.
The world is full of desire.
And here the dreamer in me
Is dying helplessly.

Day in, day out, it is raining heavily,
A deplorable sight.
Birds are helpless, human beings are helpless.
Flood, a merciless flood has taken millions
Away to the other world.
And those who are still alive
Are building their hopes in the world of nowhere.

There are many prisons in life,
But the destructive confusion-prison
Of man’s mind
Shatters man’s entire being.

The human life is nothing
A prison of misunderstandings.
How can we escape?
We can escape
Through the self-giving windows.

Each human being is doomed to stay
In a prison of misunderstanding.
Alas, when will the day dawn
When misunderstanding will be replaced
By heart-understanding
And soul-fulfilling

Pains, physical or otherwise,
Follow us into tomorrow
Because we do not cancel them today
With our soul-power.

There are only two misfortunes in life:
One is that we do not know
What to do,
And the other is that we cannot forget
What we have done.

Do not dislike trials.
Each trial can unveil
One of your virtues
And bring to light
One of your long-forgotten hidden treasures.

One kind thought of mine
Has the capacity to push aside easily
Ninety-nine unkind thoughts
Of unfortunate human souls.

If you do not have
A sense of humour,
Then God will not choose you
To be in His close company.

You are perfectly right when you feel
That each problem is an opportunity
To strengthen your mind,
Widen your heart
Enlighten your life.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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