Inspirational poems

Inspirational poetry by Sri Chinmoy -

The heart
Is the most sacred reality
In each human being.

Sweetens our hearts
Enlightens our minds.

All challenges
Have to be conquered.

Everybody has the right
To choose
The sunny side of life.

It is our choice
To make the world happy.

There is always time
For us to become
Something new.

Life is an eternal journey
An ever-transcending Goal.

Each human being
Must develop an inclination
To excel in everything.

If we cannot rise above
Popular opinion,
We cannot achieve
Anything significant.

Each seeker’s life
A daring, challenging experience.

Today’s gladness
Can easily discard
Yesterday’s sadness.

We may not see the Beyond,
But we do have the capacity
To feel the Beyond.

Every moment unveils
A new movement
Towards Light.

Only a silence sea
Can produce

No defeat.

Constant self-offering
Is the easiest way
To peace.

Never allow
Your inner courage
To desert you.

Do not ask questions
If you are not going to be satisfied
With the answers.

Happiness is our birthright.
We just have to believe it.

Its own reward.

I do not know
Who I am,
But I do know
Whose I am.

When we work without love,
We blindly bind ourselves
To ourselves.

When we reap,
We must reap with endless
And breathless gratitude.

Every day
I am rejecting more and more
The snares of imperfection.

If you singularly sincere
And self-giving,
Then your progress
Will know no bounds.

To unlock
The secret meaning of life,
We must lead a life
Of simplicity
And purity.

That does not help me
To dive inward, fly upward
And move forward,
Is totally unaccceptable.

All life is inwardly one,
And all life is outwardly
Meant for change.

The courage of the soul
Has liberated
My entire life.

The great souls came
Into the world
To reverse the current
Of ignorance-current.

May each thought of mine
Be a reservoir
Of love divine.

Each gratitude-thought
Has the wings of the soul-bird
To fly in the vastness of the sky.

Our inner faith
Must determine the line
Of our outer actions.

My heart of love
And my soul of delight
Are divinely and sleeplessly
To each other.

My soul’s silence-garden
Is where
My heart blossoms.

Always keep
A simplicity-life,
A purity-heart
A sincerity-mind.

Each soulful action
Will bring virtue
Into our life.

All living things
In God’s creation
Are the fragrances of sacredness.

We adore
The sovereign Creator
Of the universe.

The formless is as true
As the form,
As beautiful
If not infinitely more beautiful,
As the form.

Just fly and fly
Far beyond
The world’s tempting
And binding snares.

May each thought of mine
Like incense-prayers.

I love, I just love
The immensity and intensity
Of my soul’s whispers.

Each soulful prayer is indeed,
A speck of living, illumining
And fulfilling light.

What I have proudly become
Over the years
For me is invaluable.

Love without inner beauty
Is like a tree
With no flowers.

The more we cultivate
The sooner we discover
Our true Self.

The very nature
Of inner depth
Is to illumine
The outer life.

May my outer life
Remain a devoted student
Of my inner life

God reveals himself
Through the smiles of my face,
Through the tears
Of my eyes.

My goal
Is to traverse
The unchartered land
Of my soul.

Everything you can get
In the world of silence,
But for that you need one thing:
In measureless measure.

In the inner world,
Unlike the outer world,
We do not lose anyone
If we sincerely love.

A true seeker
Is he who smiles
When his heart pines
For God.

The beauty of love
And the fragrance of loveliness
Are twin sisters.

A life of discipline only
Can experience

If you want to proceed
In your inner life,
Then remain absolutley still,

If you do not expect
You are indeed,
A wise seeker.

The inner life
Runs after

Infinite patience we need
Either to illumine or to erase
The imperfections
Of our life.

My prayers want to enter
Into the beauty
Of the limitless skies.

Each divine thought
Paves the road
To the soul’s infinite bliss.

Do not edit
Your soul’s messages.
They are written
By God Himself.

My goal
Is the fragrance of the infinite.

Each divinely inspired thought
My life-masterpiece.

What do I do every night?
I listen to the silence-music
Of the twinkling stars.

During my meditation
What do I enjoy?
I enjoy the breath
Of my soul’s beauty.

Unlike the outer journey’s,
The inner pilgrimages
Are always bountiful.

Breathes in the body
Of silence.

Is something
That never cared to learn
How to judge

Our lives on earth
Last for a few years only,
Our hopes and promises on earth
We leave behind to last

Wllingness and gratitude
Are so beautiful
And at the same time
So powerful.

Without the life
Of universal harmony,
There can be no transcendental breath
Of delight.

In the inner world,
Sooner or later
Each and every sincere effort
Will be rewarded.

When we do not pay attention
To our inner wisdom,
Our outer life becomes
A total sadness.

If your life is simple,
Your mind is clear
And your heart is pure,
Then you have covered a great distance
In your inner life.

There is no way
To achieve goodness
Without offering it first.

I must accept
The responsibility of life,
And not expect
The prosperity of life.

You must love
The human in you
For its transformation.

We must climb up
The inner peaks of life
To arrive at our Goal.

Be not afraid
Of any shadow.
This includes your own.

May my earth-life
Remain always

The call of the inner sunrise
Is so charming, illumining
And charming.

A heart of devotion
An ever-green life.

To feel the breath of the universe,
I must remain in tune with my soul
At every moment.

The less we need
From the material world,
The more blessings we shall receive
From the higher worlds.

If you want to succeed
In your outer life,
Then you must always hold fast
To your inner beliefs.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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