Published as hard-cover by Hazelden Press, Heart-Songs is a new collation of poems by Sri Chinmoy. The prayers and meditations in Heart-Songs are inspired by Sri Chinmoy’s profound personal connection with God, and his vision of the oneness of all humankind. It is Sri Chinmoy’s deep desire to share these meditations with those of all faiths and creeds as part of his mission to unite us all with God, and with each other in a spirit of oneness and harmony.

A selection from the 365 poems from Heart-Songs -

My Absolute Lord Supreme,
May my mind today and every day
Think of you only.
May my heart today and every day
Serve You only.
May I today and every day
Place my success-joy
And my progress-peace
At Your Compassion-Feet.

Every day
Try to memorise
One God-dream-song
To make yourself divinely happy
And supremely perfect.

May my happiness-heart
Decorate my life
With purity-flower-fragrance
Every day.

If you do not remain
In the desert of your mind,
Every day your heart
Will be able to weave
A beautiful, fresh, and pure
For your Lord Supreme.

Each day is the day
To become
A new self-giver,
To become
A new God-fulfiller.

You and your mind
Every day must try
To love God infinitely more
Than your mind wants you to.

Ever day
I simplify my mind
So that I can
Amplify my Lord
Inside my aspiration-heart.

Every day
I try to celebrate
The oneness-dream of my heart
Even inside
The division-enjoyment-mind.

My soul
Every day teaches my heart
A new and soulful

In the small hours of the morning
Every day
My Lord Supreme comes to inspect
My heart’s burning aspiration.

Every day
If you stand in rebellion
Against your lower-self,
Your higher self
Will give you what it is:

Every divine thought
Is precious!
Every day the Lord Supreme
Is gracious.

~Sri Chinmoy

Heart-Songs is available from selected Online book sellers, ISBN 1-56838 103 4, hard-cover.