Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden, testimonials

Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden

“I was delighted to receive Heart- Garden as my gift for participating in the 2005 Popular Australian Readers’ and Writers’ Festival in Sydney. Heart- Garden is a constantly beautiful reminder to me of the power of our thoughts. Open any page of Heart-Garden for a daily tonic that transforms weariness and negativity into hope and inspiration. Thank you for showing us ways to create happiness, love and strength of purpose in our lives and the lives of all we meet.”

Anne McCullagh Rennie
Australian novelist and author of You can call me Ellie,  One Australian family’s story of love and determination.’

“To be inspired is the universe’s greatest gift.But to inspire others is the greatest gift we can give to the universe.
Congratulations on your truly inspiring work, many blessings to you.”

Traci Harding
Australian science-fantasy author.


Christopher  from the Melbourne Sri Chinmoy Centre gave his sister Cara a copy of Heart-Garden, this is her comment.

Poem from Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden –

Be a true friend of your own heart.
Lo and behold,
All will befriend you.

“I have always had trouble making new friends and have been anxious that other people won’t like me. When I read that quote it made me realise that the most important thing is whether or not I like myself.

As soon I started putting more energy into liking myself, rather than impressing other people, I found that those around me were immediately drawn to me. Making friends became easy.’

Yet again I was reminded of the fact that everyday Sri Chinmoy touches the hearts of thousands of people across the globe; be they sincere seekers of the Truth, admirers of his artwork, or perhaps just a passer-by who stumbles across one of his aphorisms in a shop window.

Like a fully laden mango tree humbly bowing its branches to offer its fruits to all who are hungry, Sri Chinmoy brings down these words of wisdom from higher realities and lovingly and compassionately offers them to the world at large. His words are most enlightening”.



“My grand-daughter gave me a copy of Heart-Garden for my 89th birthday. It is the best gift I have recieved in years. I am enjoying it so much, and keep re-reading each page, because I dont want it to come to an end”.

Mavis Baird.

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