The success of Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden

Since its release in April 2005, Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden continues to be a best-seller both here in Australia and also New Zealand. This success has now prompted the importation of the book into UK, US and European markets.The books greatest apppeal is its universatality – whether its being given as a gift to a loved-one, friend or colleague, its wisdom, simplicity, beauty and inspiration are a source of constant delight to all .

Front cover

Now in its second re-print Heart-Garden’s appeal has grown through its association with Dymocks Booksellers and hundreds of independent gift and book shops throughout Australia and New Zealand. Its popularity has increased even further since the release of the Heart-Garden gift-set in December 2005. This popularity has largely been through the Australian and New Zealand wholesalers for the book - ‘Incense of the World.’


What makes the book so appealing? Firstly it is beautifully illustrated with Sri Chinmoy’s penned soul-bird drawings, with groups of birds addorning each page. Also Sri Chinmoy has personally named the book and written the title pages to each of the nine aphorism categories.

Sri Chinmoy's title name

Secondly the book has over 300 of Sri Chinmoy’s most inspiring aphorisms. Each carefully selected to convey the beauty, inspiration, power, love and wisdom of this admired spiritual teacher. And lastly is the outstanding quality of this hard-cover publication by New Holland Publishers, Sydney, Australia.

So where to from here – Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden is now listed with Amazon where it will be listed with all of Sri Chinmoy’s most popular titles. This will give it greater international exposure and promotion. Heart-Garden is also available in Singapore.

Heart-Garden has been given to many important world leaders, luminaries, dignitaries, officials and individuals met during Sri Chinmoy’s annual pilgrimages to countries outside the U.S. – read where they offer their endorsements.

*Heart-Garden and the Heart-Garden gift-set are the perfect gift choices for any occasion.

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