Heart-Garden to the Heart-Land

Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden is travelling to the Heart-Land of the United States and Europe.

Members of the 2006 Sri Chinmoy World Harmony Run will be carrying Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden with them on their journey’s through the Heart-Land of the United States and Europe.

Leaving from New York on the 16th April the 10 member U.S. international team will be carrying the Harmony Torch on a 11,000 mile, four month torch relay to the citizens of the US, in the annual Sri Chinmoy World Harmony Run. Sri Chinmoy founder of the Harmony Run is an athlete and philosopher who believes that sport is a powerful instrument in promoting world Harmony.

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Linking schools, colleges, communities, clubs and private individuals in the name of oneness, harmony, friendship and good-will team members will be presenting copies of Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden to dignitaries at ceremonies across the nation. Heart-Garden is a book of over 300 of Sri Chinmoy’s most inspiring poems, each touching the heart of the reader, each embraces the message of the Harmony Run.

Members of the World Harmony Run in the U.S shall be visiting the Oneness-Family School ‘The International Peace Academy’ in Maryland, Washington. The schools vision is – to foster a new generation of leaders who become meaningful contributors to the society of the 21st Century by expanding their consciousness, realising their potential, and becoming to feel and understand that the world is one family.

Members of the World Harmony Run in Europe will be also carrying Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden on their 27,000km, 7month crossing of Europe. Team members within their 16 member team shall be visiting 48 countries in their torch-relay.

Other countries to be visited by global members of the Harmony Run shall be Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, Pacific Islands, Canada and more….

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