Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden


In celebration of Sri Chinmoy’s vision for global harmony

Re-printed twice since it’s release in April 2005, the best seller Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden is a compilation of over 300 short inspirational poetic verses arranged in nine separate categories, released in celebration of Sri Chinmoy’s tireless compassion, inspiration and encouragement in bringing happiness, harmony and contentment to countless individuals in over 43 years of selfless-service to humanity. Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) PURCHASE – From Online book shops around the world including Amazon Books and Barnes and Noble in the US. New Holland Publishers (Australia). ISBN – 174110236-7, ISBN13 – 978174110236-9 Heart-Garden cover.Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden – Poem categories Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden – gift-set

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Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden – success Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden – book review Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden – the book Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden – a book that will change your life * New from Barnes & Noble – email a friend about – Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden Sri Chinmoy is a master of the aphorism. There is no-one writing from the same spiritual height, with the same certainty, the same authority of voice. Deceptively simple, these poems, prayers and meditations resonate in the mind and expand in the heart. Written with clarity and lucidity, they are inspirational, instructional and above all, accessible. Heart-Garden is a delight. Alan Spence, Award-winning Scottish author. Professor in Creative Writing, University of Aberdeen. Scotland.

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