The Qualities of Happiness

Sri Chinmoy

Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s book – Happiness

What is joy?
It is a bird
That we all want to catch.
It is the same bird
That we all love to see flying.

~Sri Chinmoy

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Real peace and happiness are inseparable. But we have to know peace must be established on all the levels of our being. If one part of our being reamins without peace – either the heart, the mind, the vital or the physical – then happiness will remain a far cry. Life teaches us something sublime: that we are not indispensable; only the Supreme is indispensable. When we believe this, then our life is all happiness.

Obey the small whispers of peace
In your inner life.
You are bound to be happy.

You can transform
The hurtful pressures of your life
Into delightful pleasures
Just by telling yourself
That the world around you
Can easily exist
And even prosper
Without you.

~ Sri Chinmoy


Hope itself is happiness.
It needs no outer happiness
To add to its joy.

Love itself is satisfaction.
It needs no outer satisfaction
To add to its reality-strength.

Our happiness-moon smiles sweetly,
Charmingly and soulfully
When our hope-kite-flies
In the skies of divinity’s heights.

~ Sri Chinmoy


Frustration is contagious;
Therefore, be careful.
Happiness is contagious;
Therefore, be happy,
And see that by spreading your happiness,
You increase your happiness.

Suspicion is contagious;
Therfore, be careful.
Faith is contagious;
Therefore, have faith,
And see that by spreading your faith,
You can increase your faith.

Faith is the crown of life.
It is the motive-power unparalleled.
In human faith abides
God’s most precious Wealth:

What I constantly need
Is a doubt-free-mind.
What I sleeplessly need
Is a fear-free happiness-heart.

~ Sri Chinmoy


Come out of your mind.
Let your heart love you
And claim you.
You will then feel
What true happiness is.

You follow
Your heart’s love.
Your life’s happiness
Will follow you.

~ Sri Chinmoy


Who says that gentleness
Is not real strength?
Who says that strength
Is not oneness-satisfaction?

Hope is born to sigh.
Faith is born to try.
Love is born to fly.
Oneness is born to satisfy.

~ Sri Chinmoy


You will have happiness.
You will have satisfaction.
Forgive and forget,
You will have lasting peace
Within and without.

Judge nothing;
You will be happy.
My own personal experience
I am sharing with you.

Try to forgive everything;
You will be happier.
My own personal realisation
I am sharing with you.

Love everything;
You will be happiest.
God’s own personal Secret
I am sharing with you.

~ Sri Chinmoy


O my mind,
Let us go into the silence-room.
I assure you,
You will be happy,
You will be illumined,
You will be fulfilled.

O my mind,
Let us go into the silence-room.
It is the silence-room that can give you
What you have always wanted:
Peace, peace.

If you explore
Your heart’s silence-garden
You are bound to discover
Delight’s fragrance-buds.

~ Sri Chinmoy


Nothing can make me as rich and happy
Both inwardly and outwardly
As patience.

Is peace-delight.

Is satisfaction-height.

Is God’s Vision-Reality.

Perfection slowly comes
And happily stays
In the same room with patience.

~ Sri Chinmoy


If you want to be rich, first try to be rich in heart-power. You can be rich in heart-power by feeling sincere concern for the rest of the world. Every time you do something for someone, you have to feel that the other person is doing you a big favour by giving you an opportunity to make inner progress. If you can bring forward heart-power, then money-power will automatically come. That is the only way you can become happy. When you are really happy, it is not difficult to achieve money-power.

Lack of money
Delays your world-journey.

Lack of love
Delays your life-journey.

Lack of aspiration
Delays your God-journey.

Yet if you can remain happy,
Money-seeds will grow in you,
Love-river will flow through you,
Aspiration-mountain will wait for you.

~ Sri Chinmoy


The best way to establish joy in every part of the being is through constant gratitude to the One who is responsible for our having accepted the spiritual life. We have to bring to our mind what we were before we became consciously spiritual. And, for a fleeting second, we can see what our friends of the past are doing now, where our former acquaintances are now. As soon as we see what they are doing, and what we ourselves originally were, then we will immediately notice the difference between our achievement of the past and our achievement of the present.

We can offer gratitude to God, or to our spiritual teacher, or to our path, or even to our own good qualities that prompted us to enter into the spiritual life. Again, we can offer gratitude to the inner cry that prompted us to walk along the right path, or to the achievement itself. Gratitude lies in self-giving to the Source, to the One who has inspired us to see the higher reality and run toward the goal. We offer gratitude to the Source because it has created in us an inner urge to return to it and seek fulfilment there. This fulfilment comes in fulfilling the Source itself. Self-giving to the Source gives us joy in every part of the being.

Count your blessings.
God will take care of
Your surroundings.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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