The Path to Happiness

Sri Chinmoy

Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s Book – Happiness

Happiness is my name,
For the desire to appear right
Has been replaced
By the desire to be right.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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In our daily practical life there is a way for us to get joy. If we lead a simple life and go to our goal on a direct path, if we walk along a sunlit path, then we can have joy. A simple life is the life of happiness. A direct path is the path of joy. A sunlit path is the path of constant joy.

Do you want to be happy?
Then make your life as soulfully simple
As sleeplessly breathing.

~Sri Chinmoy

Simplicity we need at every moment. If the mind is not simple, if the mind is complicated and complex, then there can be no peace in the mind. A child is simple. A child is all joy. If we have a simple existence, we shall feel how lucky, how happy and how fortunate we are.

Do you want happiness?
Then ask your mind to love sincerity.

Do you want happiness?
Then ask your mind to love simplicity.

Do you want happiness?
Then ask your mind to love serenity.
Do you want happiness?
Then ask your mind to love purity.

~ Sri Chinmoy


You can become more sincere by feeling that sincerity gives you tremendous joy. Suppose you are about to say or do something wrong. Immediately stop to think, “How can I do this? It will take away all my joy.” Then you will not do it. You will find by abstaining from some activities, you are getting infinitely more joy than if you had allowed yourself to do them. So it is joy that will always help you do the right thing.

But you must distinguish between joy and pleasure. If you do something wrong and feel a kind of joy, then that is not real joy; that is pleasure. But if you do the right thing and then you gey joy, that is real joy. Pleasure is followed by frustration, but joy is followed by more joy, abundant joy, infinite joy.

If there is no sincerity in life, nothing can be achieved. To whom are you being sincere? You are being sincere to yourself. You have a higher reality and you have a lower reality. When you become sincere, immediately you pull your lower reality up to your higher reality.

Every day there is only
One thing to learn:
How to be honestly happy.

Always remember the joy you get
When you do the right thing.
This joy will give you
The inspiration, aspiration
And determination
To continue doing the right thing.

If you make a mistake
In spite of your best intentions,
Remember this mantra:
“The past is dust.”

Be sincere in your thoughts,
Be pure in your feelings.
You will not have to run after happiness.
Happiness will run after you.

~ Sri Chinmoy


How can we get satisfaction from life? Satisfaction we can get only when we give to somebody else, to our larger self, to humanity. We get joy only by becoming one with humanity, by sharing our reality with others. When we become one, the whole world becomes grateful to us. If we are humble, if we become like a tree, which constantly bears fruit, then we will get satisfaction and we will be bale to give satisfaction to the Supreme in mankind.

Humility is constantly self-giving. Always think of satisfying the Supreme in mankind. Then automatically you will become humble. The more you give soulfully and devotedly, the more satisfaction you get from mankind. And in satisfaction you will get everything that you want. So give, give, give-constantly, devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally. Then you will see that you are not giving to somebody else, but only to your own larger reality that is hungry for divine satisfaction.

True humility is the feeling of oneness. Humility means giving joy to others. If you have not established or cannot establish your inner oneness with others, then you can try to make them feel that they are as important as you, if not more so. Here on earth we want to get joy. But how do we get joy? We get joy not by coming forward before others, but by bringing others to the fore. The real joy we get by self-giving, not by possessing or by showing our own supremacy. When we allow others to get joy first, then we feel that our joy is more complete.


We can acquire lasting inner joy by constant unconditional self-giving. Each time we give something of ourselves unconditionally, God immediately gives us in return something of His own. If we unconditionally give what we have-just a little concern, a little love-immediately something divine will spontaneously enter into us. God will immediately give us His love, His pride, His boundless peace, light and bliss.

We can have more joy and less tension in life only in self-giving, not in demanding. When there is tension, it is because we want something to be done in our own way while others want it to be done in their way. Tension starts in the mind because we see light in one way and others see light in some other way.

We must see that God operates not only in us but in others as well. God also operates in our so-called enemies. But these are not our real enemies. Our real enemies are our doubt, fear, anxiety and worry. When we do not try to perfect others, but only try to perfect our own lives, then we will have joy. Also, if we do not expect anything from anybody else but expect everything only from God, then we will get joy. If we can feel that we are not indispensable, that without us the world can go on perfectly well, then we will have joy. This is the way we can get abundant joy in our life.

True and abiding satisfaction
Comes only from self-giving
And not from pleasure-hunting.

If you want to make yourself happy,
If you want to make God happy,
Then self-giving has to be
The motto of your life.

Serve the crying earth.
You will be happy.
Love the smiling Heaven.
You will be happy.

He is truly happy
Who has become the bridge
Between his heart’s love
And his life’s service.

Selflessness means
That the breath of happiness
Is here
And the life of happiness
Is now.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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