Of all the qualities that we long for in life, happiness increasingly seems to be the most elusive! Is it really possible to be happy in spite of our inner turmoils and outer difficulties? In this profound book, Sri Chinmoy the highly respected meditation Master and spiritual leader scribes timeless spiritual truths and insights, providing a practical blue-print for sustained happiness in our life-journey.


Printed in 1994, Happiness is a rare spiritual jewel, life’s quintessential travel-guide for lasting joy. Currently unavailable in hard-copy due to the volume of Sri Chinmoy’s printing commitments this definitive book is reproduced here in electronic format – happy reading!


1. What is Happiness

2. The Positive Approach

3. The Path to Happiness

4. Integral Happiness

5. The Qualities of Happiness

6. The Secrets of Happiness

7. The Life of Happiness

8. Permanent Happiness.

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