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Songs of the Soul

Aum Publications, ISBN 0-88497-738-2
US7.95 / 95 pp. [ Available in UK £12.95 incl. p&p ]


This volume brings together Songs of the Soul and Blossoms of the Heart. Each work has a lyric emphasis of its own, though the theme of bothis our realtionship with God. Songs of the Soul are luminous expressions from the innermost being, voicing its identity with the eternal Truth. Their appeal is a direct call to our own inner light. Blossoms of the Heart speak to the upward-reaching aspiration in man, giving the seeker the assurance that his inner-cry is never unheard.

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My Flute

Aum Publications, ISBN 0-88497-227-5
US$7.95 / 110 pp. [ Available in UK £12.95 incl. p&p ]


In this remarkable collection of poetry, Sri Chinmoy conveys the whole spectrum of spiritual emotions ranging from the doubts and fears of the wavering pilgrim to the ecstatic realisations of the illumined Master. In his role of the Seer-Poet, Sri Chinmoy writes with the power, lyricism and authenticity seldom encountered in this genre.

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Agni Press
US$7.95 / 110 pp.


Sri Chinmoy lovingly and gratefully dedicates this volume to the United nations on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The 700 poems on peace contained in this book were written by Sri Chinmoy between 11 and 23 November 1994.

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Here Is The Place

Aum Publications
US$7.00 / 140 pp.


The one hundred and twenty five poems in this collection have been chosen entirely from the works between (1973-1979), when Sri Chinmoy began to write large numbers of short poems in English, developing a new poetry style..

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Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants

Aum Publications
US$10.00 / 100 pp.


Two hundred and seventy volumes each containing 100 poems. Many issue are still available from Heart-Light Distributors.

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Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees

Aum Publications
US$20.00, 1000 aphorisms.


This is Sri Chinmoy’s largest poetry series – 77,000 poems in 77 volumes. Series number 45 is now printed with many earlier issues still available from Heart-Light Distributors.

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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames

Aum Publications
US$5.00, 100 poems.


This is Sri Chinmoy’s earliest series of poems – 10,000 poems written between 1979-1983. Many issues are still available from Heart-Light Distributors.

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Since arriving in the West in 1964, where Sri Chinmoy first learnt English metre and rhyme, the vastness of the author’s poetic and literary output has grown to considerable proportions. To date Sri Chinmoy’s poetry volumes contain over 110,000 poems and aphorisms, translated into twenty-five languages in over 1,550 publications. Two of his earliest poetry series completed in America between 1979-1983, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames and between 1983-1998, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants contain respectively 10,000 and 27,000 aphorisms each.

Just completed is Sri Chinmoy’s largest poetry epic begun in 1998, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service- Trees, seventy-seven volumes of 1,000 aphorisms in each.

When a seeker reads
Again and again
The spiritual poems
That give him tremendous joy,
He feels and knows
That this very joy
Is nothing other than
His own soulful meditation
And his own real inner awakening.

~Sri Chinmoy

So profuse and focused is Sri Chinmoy’s poetic capacity that in one 24 hour period in 1996 the author scribed 1,301 poems. These were published in a 13 part series titled – Two God-Amusement-Rivals. During the period 1971 to 1981, thirteen major volumes of his works, representing over nine thousand poems were also published. In 1956 at the age of twenty five Sri Chinmoy composed his first English poem, called – The Golden Flute.

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Spiritual Master:
As a spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy’s poetry is constantly evolving, as are his own realisations within the infinite transcendental Reality. Above all Sri Chinmoy is a poet of the ‘inner landscape’, he has the extraordinary capacity of conveying every nuance of his feelings, awareness, love and joy in his journey with our Beloved Lord Supreme. Examples of Sri Chinmoy’s capacity to articulate very profound spiritual experiences are found in two of his classical poems – The Absolute,and The Pilgrims of the Lord Supreme.

Sri Chinmoy identifies closely with the inner struggles that seekers face in their daily aspiration, his poetry like a beacon of light, pointing to the ultimate goal of their inner journey. Through simple yet profoundly deep poetic expression Sri Chinmoy’s wisdom and personal experience inspires, encourages and guides seekers with their every step.

Seer Poet:
Based on his sublimely deep meditative experiences, Sri Chinmoy like the great seer poets brings to aspiring individuals a glimpse of the higher realities. He encourages seekers to meditate, to go beyond the limitations of the physical mind to discover the silence and vastness of their higher Self, within the compassion and love of the spiritual heart. He encourages seekers to strive for self improvement, to sincerely offer their best qualities and be responsible world-citizens within our global world-family.

Sri Chinmoy explains that our goal is to transcend our imperfections in order to grow closer to our Creator, the Lord Supreme. Slowly and steadily this world shall be transformed through the strength of our united and aspirating hearts, and world harmony shall ultimately prevail through compassion, oneness and our dedicated self-giving actions. He constantly reassures us that even though the journey may seem long, we should never stop! For each step increasingly brings us closer to the Supreme with our deepening awareness, inspiration, happiness and fulfilment.

Lasting peace must begin
Within the depths of the individual,
And from there spread
In ever widening circles
For world change.

~Sri Chinmoy~

In comparison to his early poetry style of longer poems, a noticeable characteristic of Sri Chinmoy’s in recent years has been the use of short and inspirational mantric poetic aphorisms -

A little ripple
Wakes the sea.
A tiny thought
Shakes the world.

~ Sri Chinmoy

Whatever form of poetic expression Sri Chinmoy uses, his words powerfully resonate within the very core of your being. From the silent depths of your heart, Sri Chinmoy releases fresh levels of – aspiration, energy, inspiration, compassion and joy.

Comments on Sri Chinmoy’s poetry style by Professor Kusimita Pedersen, compiler of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry compilation – Here is the Place.

“The poems of Sri Chinmoy are not quite like anything else being written today…his poetry flows from deep well of inner experience and illumination…the poems seem simple, but they have internal complexity and depth…they have a sense of mystery…he aims right for the heart…he has evolved his distinctive style over decades of composition.”

“My physical death
Is not the end of my life -
I am an eternal journey.”

- Sri Chinmoy

* This poem is the last poem written during Sri Chinmoy’s lifetime, written on the evening of the 10th October. Sri Chinmoy passed away at 7am on the 11th October 2007.


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