The Vedas

Sri Chinmoy in Hindu Temple

From Sri Chinmoy’s book – Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads & the Bhagavad Gita

The Vedas

The Vedic teachings are universal. In the Yajur Veda we clearly observe that the teachings of the Vedas are for all. Men and woman alike can study the Vedas. God is for all. The Vedas are for all. In the Vedic church no one is superior, no one is inferior; all are equal, all are children of God. These children of God can live in the heart of Truth and become the veritable pride of God.

Each Vedic seer is a poet and a prophet. In the case of an ordinary poet, his poems are quite often based upon imagination. Imagination gives birth to his poetry. In the case of the Vedic poets, it was intuition that gave birth to their poems. This intuition is the direct knowledge of the Truth. As regards prophets, very often we see that an ordinary prophet’s prophecy is based on a kind of unknown mystery. But in the case of the Vedic prophets, it was not so. Their prophecies were based on their full and conscious awareness of direct and immediate Truth. They brought to the fore this dynamic Truth to operate in the cosmic manifestation.

The present day world believes that the mind can offer the highest possible experience of reality. The Vedic seers gave due importance to the mind, but never considered the mind to be the source of the highest possible experience of reality.

The Vedas have the eternal wisdom. It is for us. The Vedic are more than willing to illumine us if we dare to listen to their message. When we live in the mind and do not want to go outside the boundaries of the mind, we remain bound in the trammels of the body. We remain in bondage. It is only the light from within and the guidance from above that can liberate us from the teeming ignorance which has enveloped us. When we live in the mind, we live in the fabric of form. When we live in the soul, we enter into the formless and eventually go beyond both form and formlessness. We become, at that time, the individual soul universalised and the Universal Soul individualised.

The outer world is synonymous with the mind. The inner world is synonymous with the heart. The world of the eternal Beyond is synonymous with the soul. The outer world has the present, future and past. The inner world has the glowing and fulfilling future. The world of the Beyond has only the eternal Now.

~Sri Chinmoy.

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