Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s book – The Spiritual Life

The most beautiful thing on earth is our heart’s gratitude to the Supreme, to the divinity in humanity, to God. This is the best and most valuable thing on earth. This is the beauty unparalleled, and it will remain so throughout Eternity.

Beauty is the
Glowing light of a
Loving heart.

~ Sri Chinmoy

Children always see more beauty than grown-ups do. Because of their tremendous inner purity they see beauty in everything. When they see beauty in everything, we have to appreciate and admire them because they are still in the world of the soul. Because children remain more in the heart and the soul than adults do, they see more beauty.

When the mind is developed, this undivine mind immediately tries to see impurity even in light, even in wisdom, even in something progressive. But a child does not use the mind. He takes everything as his very own, so he sees the beauty in everyone and everything. He feels that there is nothing which is absolutely undivine, but something has more light in comparison with other things.

Divine love and divine beauty are inseparable. Love is the flower, beauty is the fragrance. They go together. A flower is an object, a creation of God. But the flower has to offer its quality, that is, its fragrance. Only when you come near a flower will you see and appreciate its beauty. But even when far away, its fragrance can permeate the air. If a flower does not have any fragrance,, half its divinity is gone. Beauty comes forth from the flower which is love. The flower and its fragrance are inseparably one. ~ Sri Chinmoy

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