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Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy

Each new Master
Signals a new path,
Illumining and fulfilling
For humankind.

~Sri Chinmoy~

Introduction -

Down through the ages our earth-planet has been blessed with the presence and wisdom of spiritual teachers. Collectively they have taught that the real goal of life is to achieve total union with the higher-Self, a spiritual realm free from bodily imperfections. With Divine Grace and God’s Compassion only a few of the most illumined of these teachers have reached after many years, the pinnacle of this transcendental union, Siddhi or God-realisation. Each Master unique in their time for their realisations of the highest spiritual illumination of the Truth, each bringing down to earth a golden era of divine consciousness through their meditative realisations, philosophy and teachings.

A few of these great Masters, like Sri Chinmoy were prolific writers, scribing in some cases thousands of spiritual poems, books or essays. Others never placed pen to paper, their sayings and versus faithfully recorded by their disciples as their Masters’ offered spiritual discourses to devotees, or recited to the countless number of seekers who journeyed for an audience with, or attended public talks and meditations given by, these revered scholars of wisdom and compassion.

While with other Masters, their closest disciples faithfully recorded their Guru’s lives, exploits and teachings, compiling classical texts that form the basis of spiritual traditions for millions of devotees throughout the world.

Many Masters have left the earth plane, however despite their physical absence, their divine consciousness is still as illumining, powerful and inspiring today through the lives of their most illumined disciples, who continue with their own realisations and wisdom to offer the teachings, philosophy and traditions of their Master to seekers around the world, in an uninterrupted lineage of the highest spiritual Truths.

Today as in the past, sincere and aspiring seekers are destined to find the spiritual Master whose wisdom and teachings shall bring the utmost fulfilment, happiness and inspiration. Then with God’s Grace and with the Masters’ guidance and meditations can a dedicated seekers life be guided to the transcendental reality of God-realisation.

(Sri Chinmoy’s Books used as links: Yoga and the Spiritual Life, Master and the Disciple, Meditation, Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden, Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy, Compassion, God Is, Grace)


The Great Masters -

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Ramakrishna

Swami Vivekananda

Sri Anandamayi Ma

Sri Yukteswar

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Lord Buddha

The Christ

Lahiri Mahasaya

Sri Chaitanya

Sri Krishna

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