Self-giving and Happiness


Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s book – The Garland of Nation-Souls

To get happiness
Just look for it in the right place.
The right place,
Is your self-giving heart.

~Sri Chinmoy

A seeker need not be an individual who only cries and tries to realise God. A seeker can be someone who sees something that he does not have right now. He wants something that will give him joy and satisfaction in life, but he does not have that very thing. In order to become proficient in anything, deep inside us we have to have a sincere inner cry. We want to do something, to grow into something, to become something. This means we are seekers.

Each profession is like a good quality that we can offer to the world at large, a quality that can satisfy and fulfill us. We have have a human family, and in that family one member is a doctor, another member a teacher, a third is a lawyer and a fourth can be a something else. All feel an illumining and filfilling bond among them. Each one plays his respective role in the family and in the world. The skill and capacity of each one is needed. The self-offering of each one is paramount importance.

Each individual has some special quality. That means he has the capacity in abundant measure, in boundless measure. Yet, as individuals, we are not perfectly happy, in spite of having capacity in one particular field. How can we be happy? We can be happy only if we believe in progress. We have to change ourselves in order to grow inwardly and outwardly. We have to change what we have and what we are in order to make progress. ~ Sri Chinmoy

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