The Garland of Nation-Souls, review


Highly recommended: In every sense this is a remarkable book. The United Nations is a beacon of hope and goodwill for all the world. Since 1945 it has spread its message of brotherhood, peace and soulful sharing with people of all races, creeds and colours. World-renowned spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy has been an integral part of the United nations community since 1970 when then Secretary-General U Thant invited him to hold peace meditations at its headquarters in New York. Sri Chinmoy has continued to offer twice-weekly meditations since that time for ambassadors, UN officials and other world leaders who have attended.

In honour of the United Nation’s 50th anniversary, and Sri Chinbmoy’s 25th anniversary of the peace meditations, here is a collection of Sri Chinmoy’s heretofore unpublished writings, talks and meditations given at the UN.

The messages for creating a united world are equally important for all within the United Nations as they are for all citizens of the world. Each of us belongs to our immediate family as well as a much larger world-family. Every thought, action and deed we make affects those within our immediate family, then neighbourhood and ultimately our global family.

Pause before you act or re-act, please be aware that your actions are karmic waves moving continuously out into the world-consciousness, try always to be selfless and heart-felt. The world’s problems reflect exactly your attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. We are all responsible in making this our world-home a happier, harmonious, safer and more loving world.

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