Can meditation enhance leadership


Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s book – The Garland of Nation-Souls

The highest meditation comes
Through self-giving
And selfless-service
To the world.

~ Sri Chinmoy

Can meditation enhance leadership? The answer is definitely affirmative. If meditation means an expansion of consciousness, if meditation means that we are of all and for all – that we are of our inner divinity and for aspiring humanity – then our qualities of leadership are bound to increase. The light of meditation will make these qualities grow from bright to brighter and from brighter to brightest. The light of meditation will transform much into more and more into most.

There is a leadership called psychic leadership; leadership of the heart. This leadership is totally different from vital and mental leadership. Psychic leadership is founded upon the heart’s inner awareness and oneness with reality as a whole. Whoever leads from the heart is a real leader. This is not the leadership of a self-appointed leader. This leadership is the recognition of our own inseparable oneness with the rest of humanity. The one is for the many and the many are for the one. When we think of ourselves as the one, we feel that we are like the trunk of the tree, and the many are our branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Here real oneness makes us feel that all are equally responsible for embodying the highest Truth, revealing the highest Truth and manifesting the highest Truth.

Meditation is a dynamic, active power, it is movement. Movement itself is progress. Movement itself is the growth and expansion of our reality. Whenever we meditate, no matter what plane of consciousness we are on, at that time we are moving towards some destination, some reality which we are eventually going to reach.

In the spiritual life, real leadership depends on one’s awareness of reality and one’s conscious and constant acceptance of this reality as one’s very own. If one can accept the reality around him as his very own despite all its imperfections, limitations and bondage, then he is the real leader. ~ Sri Chinmoy

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