Selected poems from The Wings of Joy

My soul Is in charge of my glowing deeds.
My heart is in charge of my soaring feelings.
My mind is in charge of my transforming thoughts.
My vital is in charge of my flowing energy.
My body is in charge of my striving life.

No, it is not possible
For an inner cry
To remain unheard.

Your heart’s cry is a real treasure.
Your heart’s cry flies like an eagle
To reach the highest goal of your purest soul.

Sometimes I must be silent
For that is the only way
To know a little better,
To think a little wiser,
To become a little more perfect,
To claim God a little sooner.

Your mind has a flood of questions.
There is but one teacher
Who can answer them.
Who is that teacher?
Your silence-loving heart.

I shall now call myself;
I shall now call.
In the forest of my heart, seeing myself,
I shall love myself and love myself.
I shall be my own quest,
My absolute wealth.
The journey of light supreme will commence
In the heart of freedom.

Deepen your faith in yourself.
Nothing will be able
To frighten or weaken you.

You are crying
Because the quantity of your mind’s doubts
Is as vast as the ocean.
Why do you not smile and dance,
Since you know that the quality of your heart’s faith
Is as pure as a morning rose.

There is no other way to please our inner self
Than to be a perfect emblem of courage.

We must realise
That there is only one way
Of acquiring infinite possibilities.
That way lies in the greatest power:

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