The Inner Promise – review

The Inner Promise

The Inner Promise

The words of an illumined spiritual master convey timeless truths with utmost simplicity. These essays drawn from university lectures by Sri Chinmoy soar beyond philosophy to direct, authentic inner experiences. They are surcharged with powerful inspiration, encouraging the reader to acknowledge and love his own spirituality.

In this book, Sri Chinmoy offers unparalleled insights into the worlds of meditation, mysticism and spirituality. The essays are drawn from Sri Chinmoy’s first lectures, given at universities across the United States, Europe and East Asia. In them, he sets out his vision for the transformation of both human consciousness and the earth itself. However, this book contains much more than a vision. It is also a practical and detailed guide for the seeker who aspires to raise his self-awareness and transform his life.

Sri Chinmoy’s practicality and directness have an immediate appeal. But his words also embody unplumbed depths. By following his teachings and by meditating on his words, the seeker-reader can see clearly how to enter into the inner life and derive powerful inspiration for the journey of self-discovery.

Published by Aum Publications NY, soft cover, 323 pages, indexed themes.

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