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As well as profound meditative consciousness, Sri Chinmoy’s books carry a wealth of wisdom on meditation, spirituality and self improvement.

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The Jewels of Happiness

Sri Chinmoy’s timeless writings, distilled into topics such as Peace, Hope and Gratitude. The audiobook is read out by 17 different luminaries including Desmond Tutu and Carl Lewis.

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Timeless drops of wisdom

Sri Chinmoy’s aphorisms, combined in a beautiful package with his meditative ‘Jharna-Kala’ art

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Gain a better understanding of religion, spirituality, yoga, and mysticism to help you as you make sense of the universe and your place in it.

Articles on meditation and spirituality

Contributed posts drawn from themes commonly found in Sri Chinmoy’s writings


How to Avoid a Guilty Conscience

Sri Chinmoy’s writings offer both a peek at divine realisation as well as tips for living each day to the fullest. In this selection from My Life’s Soul-Journey, he explains how to avoid a guilty conscience by correcting your actions immediately.... read more

One-Four-Two Breathing for Meditation

In 101 Meditation Techniques, Sri Chinmoy shares different techniques for entering the meditative state. The following is an easy technique for beginners to start with. *Jharna-Kala Fountain-Art by Sri Chinmoy   As you breathe in, repeat once the name of God, the... read more

God’s Compassion

The following is an excerpt from Sri Chinmoy’s book, God Is, a collection of his writings about God. *Jharna-Kala Fountain-Art by Sri Chinmoy   Compassion is God’s immense and intense Concern for mankind. When we show compassion to others at the time... read more

India’s Spirituality

Sri Chinmoy was born in the village of Shakpura in Bangladesh, formerly, part of India, and was raised in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. In the following excerpt from Yoga and the Spiritual Life, Sri Chinmoy answers this question from a seeker, “I... read more

The Importance of God’s Grace

The book, The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy, contains questions and answers on a variety of topics. The following excerpt is from the section on Grace. *Jharna-Kala Fountain-Art by Sri Chinmoy   Question: How important is God’s grace in our spiritual progress? Sri... read more

Transforming Human Nature

Sri Chinmoy often talked about the importance of self-transcendence or self-transformation, the process of continually striving to be a better person and to reach a higher level of spirituality. The following excerpt is from My Life’s Soul-Journey, a wonderful... read more

Thoughts While Meditating

In Beyond Within, Sri Chinmoy provides sound advice on how to integrate the highest spiritual aspirations into your daily life. In the following, he answers a seeker who asked whether a thought of love that came during meditation should be taken in or rejected.... read more

How to Find Inner Peace

In today’s world, most of us struggle to find a moment of quiet, let alone lasting inner peace. Much of Sri Chinmoy’s activities were to show us how to create inner peace, for if we want peace in the world, we need to start by creating peace in ourselves.... read more

Meditation Techniques to Silence Your Mind

Sri Chinmoy’s books are filled with meditation tips and techniques. The main thing to aim for in meditation is to silence your mind so that you can expand your consciousness into the great Beyond. The following tip is from the book Meditation: Man-Perfection in... read more