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Welcome to Sri Chinmoy Books. We offer a selection of Sri Chinmoy’s books for you to browse and purchase.

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The Wings of Joy

Finding your path to inner peace

Now in its thirteenth printing this classic has brought wisdom, harmony and insight to the hearts of tens of thousands of Truth-seekers around the world. Here is a book which freely discusses God in a refreshing, universal way, neither dogmatic nor religious.


Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden

Aphorisms for Joy and Inspiration

‘Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden’ is the first published collection of Sri Chinmoy’s ‘universal aphorisms’. Illustrated with Sri Chinmoy’s hand-written category titles and penned soul-bird drawings. Recipients of this beautifully bound gift-book treasure its unique design and timeless-wisdom.


Commentaries on the Vedas

India’s ancient scriptures

This book brings together Sri Chinmoy’s commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, three ancient Indian scriptures which are the foundations of Hindu spiritual traditions. This is an excellent introduction for readers who are coming to the subject for the first time, and a series of illumining meditations for those who already know them well.



Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

This classic remains an enduring favourite. With the simplicity and clarity that is the hallmark of Sri Chinmoy’s writings, this comprehensive guide takes you from the first stages of concentration and meditation through to the advanced practice of contemplation.


Yoga and the Spiritual Life

Yoga means union, union with God. Each person’s journey in life begins and ultimately ends with that union. Written in a practical vein, this book offers the newcomer, as well as the advanced seeker, a deep understanding of the theories, methods and inner realities of the philosophy of Yoga and Eastern mysticism. In a section devoted to questions and answers, Sri Chinmoy, an illumined Yogi, offers explanations with a clarity and authenticity rarely encountered.


The Silent Teaching

A beginner’s guide to meditation

This first reading on meditation addresses its theory, vision, and practice in simple, concise and understandable terms. Sri Chinmoy exhorts the seeker in us:


A selection of Sri Chinmoy's books


About Sri Chinmoy Books

These web pages are dedicated to the review and purchase of the timeless wisdom within Sri Chinmoy’s books. Translated into many languages they represent the quintessence of Sri Chinmoy’s enlightened teachings.

Since arriving in the West from the Sri Aurobindo ashram in India in 1964, internationally respected spiritual leader and meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy has written many hundreds of books on spirituality. The emphasis within these writings on the understanding, adoption and practice of living a harmonious spiritual life. The transforming nature of this life-style choice as encouraged by Sri Chinmoy, is the adoption of a regular meditation practice where contentment and satisfaction can be realised.

Sri Chinmoy teaches that when the spiritual heart is opened through prayer, meditation and self-giving individuals rise above the compulsive chatter, negativities and unwillingness of the unconscious physical mind. There happiness, kindness, compassion and wisdom rise, essential elements of a higher all-embracing consciousness.

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